Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Fun Fat Storing Tip from Mr. Cosgrove...

This is the second in the series of six emails that I am receiving from Alwyn Cosgrove's Afterburn eCourse.
Today we'll look at some nutrition mistakes people make with their fat burning.

Big FAT Mistake 2 - Follow a low fat, low calorie diet...and don't drink any water

You want to lose weight so you should eat a lot less right? I've got some news for you...The less you eat, the lower your metabolism will go, which is optimal for storing body fat.

Fat Gaining Recommendation: Keep your calories very low and deprive your body. Keep your calories around 1000-1200 per day (which is starving) and don't eat more than 15 to 20 grams of fat per day. You want your body to think it's starving so it'll hold on to body fat at all costs.

Also, don't drink any water. Drink juice instead; it'll work wonders for expanding your waistline. Why it works to store body fat: Every time you eat, your metabolism goes up. This isn't good when you're trying to store fat. Eating enough food will fuel fat burning, the opposite of what we want. You want your body to be in fat storing mode, which is best accomplished by depriving it.

Also, count your fat grams and keep your dietary fat levels low. This will teach your body to hold on to fat, another excellent method for putting on that extra adipose tissue (body fat)! And drinking water will only cause you to drop any excess water you're holding, therefore keep the water consumption low to keep you fat and bloated!

Big FAT Mistake 3 - Avoid Weight Training At All Costs

Increasing your lean body mass is the best way to increase your metabolism to burn fat. So stay away from any weight training!

Fat Gaining Recommendation: Don't touch the weights in the gym. Or, if you do, only lift ones that are small enough not to build any muscle (you know the ones - the little pink dumbbells in the ladies-only room).

Why it works to store fat: The goal is to keep your metabolism as low as possible to turn your body into a fat storing machine. Any lean muscle would be bad news when you're trying to gain fat because it would increase your metabolism and cause you to burn more calories!

Also, weight training (especially Afterburn Training) will raise your metabolism for the next 24 to 48 hours, which will never work to get that body fat up!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Love the blog. I know this must be alot of work for you. :) This info on fat burning is what I need to read right now. What are your thoughts on Cooler one? I have been at about 1200 calories for a few days and plan to for a few more. I don't think he means this short stint in a dip in calories, but someone who "diets" that way. What do you think?

Maria Peters said...

Hi Tracey - nice to hear from you! I really enjoy writing the blog so it really doesn't seem like work. I wish that I could get paid to do this full-time!

Honestly, I have completely quit counting calories and have been strictly going by the Cooler's that Tosca explains in her book, The Eat-Clean Diet (Expanded Edition). I have read a lot about calories counting and it can be inaccurate because portions are not easily standardized, especially if you are eating a lot of produce.

All that aside, I I think that Cooler 1 is a fabulous way to jump start your weight loss goals - just don't stay on Cooler 1 for longer than 2 weeks because it is not a long-term way to eat. It is simply a tool to break plateaus or to use for competitions, etc. And honestly, I don't know who would want to stay on Cooler 1 for longer than that - I love fruit and Ezekiel Bread WAY too much! :)

Personally, I have had great success with following Cooler 1 - but never stay on it for longer than 5 days. I have not gained back the weight lost on Cooler 1 by switching back to Cooler 2.

To keep myself successful I made worksheets for Cooler 1 and Cooler 2 - that way when I am planning my meals for the next day I can easily see all of the food that I need to eat and take inventory of the foods that I am planning to eat. If you send me your email address I will gladly share these with you.

Tracey, why is it that you are only eating 1,200 calories per day right now? Are you at a plateau? Are you new to Clean-Eating and looking for a jump-start on results? Or simply trying to mix things up?

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Oh Maria...spreadsheets for Cooler 1 and Cooler 2....I think I am in love. haha Please send them

My life of eating clean has been long...but not truly (or crazy as my dh says haha)serious until about January of last year. I was four months post partum of my second (and last) baby and wasn't going to use the "just had a baby" excuse to stay overwieght. I knew I wouldn't be going on the pregnancy roller coaster again, So I began to take eating clean seriously...found Tosca...her books, the forum and have had great success. :) (Just between you and me...I am a runner up in the Eat Clean Body Makeover Challenge!! I was notified the other day!! YIPPEE!) I didn't lose a ton of weight (actually 20 pounds) but on my 5'2 frame making me 36% body wasn't pretty. So now I am at 116 (well 114 after my week on cooler 1) and 19% body fat but still struggle with my waist. I have excess fat at the love handles and belly area and would like to see more ab defination. I really don't know the best way to get rid of the fat, workouts or both. To be honest, I have yet to lift a dumbell, but have been resistance training on a pilate reformer for a year. I am beginning to think to reach my ultimate goal, it is time to hit the wieghts. I am in a catch 22 because I (like your mom)have had back issues. I had lower back surgery (L4-L5) for a herniated disc about 5 years ago. The surgery "cured" me of my sciatic pain, but pilates has built me the core to stay pain free and not reinjure my low back. I think to reach my goals and stay well, I need to do both.
That was a ton of info and I haven't even answered why I am on Cooler 1. haha I am doing it because that is the one way I see a decrease in my belly fat and love handles. Right now I am using cooler 1 to get trim before I go on vacatin where I know there will be lots of cheating. When I get back, I want to buckle down and work hard at my goals to reach them by summer. But that is the thing...I want to work smart too and not flounder about trying to figure out how to lose this waist fat. I may need the advice of a personal trainer, and with my winnings may invest in a few sessions. :)

I just love your blog and plan to bookmark so I can read often. You can tell you do your homework... It is awesome.

BTW...the cat pics and captions are great too! haha Thanks again for the worksheets. Can't wait to get them! :)

Talk soon!

Maria Peters said...

Tracey, I will send the worksheets this afternoon. Thanks for all of the comments and support here and on the forum. Personally, I think that the weight training is what is working the best for me. Up until recently, I was only weight training 3-4 times per week and now I have added interval training to try to up my fat loss.... Alwyn's eCourse has helped to reinforce everything else that I have read - check out today's last eCourse for Day 5 and 6 - they are a good capstone. I don't know if I will actually purchase Afterburn, as I already use New Rules of Lifting for Women, which has the same author.

Also, thanks for letting me use your egg bake photos. I plan on making the Cooler 1 protein bars that you posted in the Cooler 1 thread and will probably post that recipe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...
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