Thursday, February 26, 2009

Food Journal: Companion to Checklists

I love how much easier the Cooler Checklists make it to plan my food intake and ensure that I am eating strictly Cooler 1 or Cooler 2. However, I found that I still wanted to write down the food that I was planning on eating in addition to checking the boxes on the checklists - so I always used the blank back of the checklist to jot down my planned eats for the day. 

Unfortunately, doing it that way made for a disorganized list of food and sometimes when packing my Cooler in the morning I would forget to bring food that I was planning on eating during the day. So, I decided to make a supporting resource to the Cooler Checklists - Food Journal.

To save paper, I print the Food Journal on the back of the Cooler Checklist.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve the Food Journal page.

Food Journal
Food Journal

Cooler 1 Checklist
Cooler 1 Checklist - 2B Landscape

Cooler 2 Checklist
Cooler 2 Checklist - 2B


that70sgrl said...

Wow! Those sheets are great!:)
Thank you so much! You should sell them to Tosca! LOL
Hope you're having a great day!!

Coach Kai said...

What do you find the measurement for meat and 2 hand cuped veggies is equivalent to?