Thursday, February 19, 2009

LOL Cats Return

This LOL Cat is very appropriate because it is back to being cold again here in Minnesota - with the wind chill it feels like 3˚ F!!! I thought that we were passed this already - apparently not!

I am still feeling a bit under the weather and have not worked out since Monday. I plan on making today my last rest day, as I am starting to feel better. Tomorrow I will do NROL4W Workout A tomorrow morning in addition to 20 minutes of interval training on the treadmill.

Today's eats have been Cooler 2 clean:

Meal 1 - 1/2 C egg whites, 1 chicken sausage, 1 slice Ezekiel Bread
Meal 2 - 1 protein muffin and 1/2 Vita-Mix Juice: spinach, strawberries, orange, hemp protein powder, flax, what germ, bee pollen, vanilla, ice and water
Meal 3 - Tortilla Soup, 1 protein muffin
Meal 4 - 1 C yogurt and apple
Meal 5 - Marinara Sauce, Ground Chicken Breast, WW Noodles

I am going to start reading my new copy of the Eat-Clean Diet Expanded Edition. I read the first edition last Fall and recently purchased the Expanded Edition after giving the first edition to my Mom. I feel like I need a little refresher course to re-motivate myself... I will hopefully be able to start that in 15 minutes or so.

Have a magnificent day today!!!

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