Friday, February 6, 2009

RSS Feeds

I have received some inquiries about how to use an RSS feed to keep track of this blog. Today while I was browsing through the blogger gadgets I stumbled upon a tool that will make subscribing to Simply Clean easy to do. If you look at the right hand bar you will see that there is a new Gadget that will allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds from the Simply Clean blog. That way you can always stay updated on what's going on here. Also, if you would prefer to receive an email every time that there is a new post, I can set that up for you. Just send me your email address and I will take care of it. 

Another way to keep track of Simply Clean posts is through Facebook. I set it up so that the RSS feed of Simply Clean is automatically imported into my Facebook Notes application. So, if you friend me on Facebook you will also be able to see when there are new posts on the blog. 

Isn't technology amazing!  

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