Thursday, February 5, 2009


Did anyone see American Idol last night? I felt that this was a fitting photo to post as a follow up to last night's show... jeeze! 

I watch America Idol because I love to sing and the thought of having an opportunity like the one that the contestants have makes my heart beat a little bit faster. NOT because I enjoy watching girl drama. I hope that as the season progresses that we have less of the character development and more performances. I would love it if during Hollywood week we would actually see everyone perform. Oh well. There is always next week

Today's eats have been very clean so far... I have decided to post a few pics of my food today. 

Meal 1 - 1/2 C egg whites, 1 chicken sausage, 1 slice Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread

Meal 2 -
1 Nutty Maple Cinnamon bar that I made on Sunday and 1/2 of Vita-Mix: 1 handful mixed strawberries and mango, 2 cupped handful mixed spinach and celery, 4 TB hemp protein powder, 1 TB each flax, wheat germ, bee pollen, 1/2 kefir, water, ice

Meal 3 - Spaghetti squash topped with Bison Vita-Mix Marinara sauce and 1 TB skim-mozzarella cheese leftovers from earlier this week - this is in the oven right now and I will post a picture of it later on today

Meal 4 - Egg Bake leftovers from yesterday and the other half of the Vita-Mix smoothie from Meal 2



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