Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun V-Day Pics

Allan and I had a very fun Valentine's Day this year - we went to Azia for sushi and then to a party in NE Minneapolis called VD09. The sushi was SO good!!! I started with a bowl of miso tofu soup and Allan had squid salad, then we had brown rice nigiri salmon and yellowfin tuna followed by a brown rice maki roll of BBQ yellowtail and this cool mixture of tuna, salmon, shrimp pressed on a layered bed of brown rice and snow crab. YUM!!! I was so full. 

The party was nothing like what I was expecting - there was art, beer (ick), and some crazy dressed people. The invite said that women should dress sexy and men should wear suits - so we dressed to impress. But some of the other people were ridiculous! There was even a guy in a furry bear costume! Srrr-iously! 

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