Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last day of Big FAT Mistakes

I am guessing that this will be the last of the extremely sarcastic (and funny) tips to gain fat. I am really looking forward to what tomorrow's eCourse will entail. For today, please enjoy Alwyn Cosgrove's Big Fat Mistake 5...
Today is the last day of Big FAT Mistakes. Tomorrow we'll get into what you need to do to burn fat.

Big Fat Mistake 5: Perform the exact same workout over and over without ever increasing the intensity.

Doing the same workout each time will confirm that you haven't become any stronger or more fit, but instead have stayed exactly the same or become worse.

Fat Gaining Recommendation: Go to the gym every day and do the exact same thing. Get on the same cardio machine, in front of the same television, and walk the same speed everyday.

Why this works to store fat: This will ensure that you don't gain any lean body mass and that your workout won't limit your fat storing capabilities. You don't ever want to push yourself harder than you're used to.

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