Thursday, February 5, 2009


Here is the leftover Spaghetti Squash with Bison Vita-Mix Marinara sauce that I had today for Meal 3. It was very tasty. It was the first time that my husband and I had spaghetti squash and I was pleasantly surprised. I cooked the squash the way that Dani Spies demonstrates in her Spaghetti Squash 101 video. Although, I think that it was a little over cooked.


I am planning a trip to GNC tomorrow to pick up some Multi-Vitamins for myself and my husband along with an omega, vitamin C, vitamin B complex and a cal/mag supplement for myself. I am wondering what other supplements that people are taking. I am very active and eat well, but I would like to make sure that I am taking good care of my muscles and enhancing my weight loss.


Anonymous said...

Hi Again,
I talk GNC's Tonalin CLA and Schiff's Calcium/Magnesium tablet two times a day. :)
Good can get confusing in there! :)

Maria Peters said...

I ended up purchasing a Women's Active Multi-Vitamin, Calcium/Magnesium/D, Super Digestive Enzymes, and an Omega supplement. The Multi-Vitamin ended up having a more than adequate amount of the additional Vitamins that I was looking at purchasing.