Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oil Mister

As most of you already know, my Vita-Mix is my favorite kitchen gadget. However, in my opinion, the most useful and cost effective kitchen gadget is an oil mister. Not only is misted olive oil much better for your health by avoiding propellants in Organic Sprays and isobutane and propane in other sprays it is also easier on your wallet. Also, many oil sprays use thickeners, stabilizers, and preservatives.

A can of Spectrum Organic Olive Oil can run upwards of $7 per 5 oz bottle and a 5 oz can of Pam is somewhere around $4; while a 25.4 oz bottle of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil will run anywhere from $12 - $20 and the mister is $15. 

For the first use you are paying about $8 for 5 oz using the mister; however, in the long run the cost reduces dramatically to about $3.50 per 5 oz, which is less than a can of Pam. 

In addition, with the mister you actually end up using less oil than with a traditional spray can - so the same amount of oil will last longer.

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