Saturday, March 28, 2009

Barrio and Rent

Last night Allan and I went to a fun and hip restaurant downtown, Barrio. We were sat at the front of the restaurant facing a window overlooking Nicollet Mall - it was the perfect location for a nice romantic dinner. I tried to keep the food choices as clean as possible, but this was a planned cheat meal after all. I had a glass of red wine, 3 chips with Allan's guacamole, and the tequila marinated raw Salmon small plate. We were planning on sharing a piece of seared Ahi Tuna, but the waiter was not able to get it to the table for us to eat in time to leave to see Rent at the Orpheum Theatre. 

Rent was amazing... the music, dancing and acting were superb! This was not the usual Minnesota actors putting on a Broadway play, it was a one weekend event featuring the original Broadway actors, Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp. I am so happy that we were able to get tickets. And best of all, somehow we lucked out and were sitting in the second row!

Today we are going to Mankato to see my dad's family for lunch. It is the first time that we have all gotten together (my dad has 7 brothers and sisters) since my Uncle Lonnie passed away in December. My Aunt received my Uncle's autopsy a week ago and I am sure that it will be the elephant in the room. We are meeting at the Old Country Buffet. I have looked at the menu and what I will eat: backed chicken breast (no skin) + big salad with oil/vinegar + steamed veggies. Wish me luck in resisting temptations!


Becky said...

Hi,I am on Tosca's clean eating forum and found your blog. Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE it and all of your recipe ideas. I also see that you have family in Mankato. My boyfriend is from there and we lived there for I which Old Country Buffet you're talking about!


Anonymous said...

Hi. Just checking about the homemade raspberry balsamic dressing recipe that you were going to post last week. I haven't seen it so wondering if you forgot or if I'm just not looking in the right place. Thanks.

Maria Peters said...

Hi there. I have not had time to post much in the last couple days and was hoping to have a picture of the dressing to post with the recipe... but because you asked so nicely, I posted the recipe today sans photo. :)

Maria Peters said...

Becky, what a small world! I have an uncle and aunt who live in Mankato, but the majority of the family live in Southern Minnesota along I-90. It is a good meeting place for the people for the cities and those from Southern MN to meet up.