Sunday, March 22, 2009

12 Week Challenge

I joined a 12 week challenge on the Eat-Clean Diet forum called the Too Chicken to Go on Stage Makeover Challenge. The idea is to see how much you can change your body in a 12 week period. At the end of the challenge two winners will be selected. One will be the girl who looks closest to being able to compete in a figure competition and the other winner will be the girl who has had the most dramatic transformation. I am really not looking to win either prize, but in the next 12 weeks I plan on getting down to my goal weight. 

I had already set a goal for myself to get down to goal by mid-June, so the timing is perfect. The reason that I joined the competition is for the support and encouragement of the others girls that are involved. I love the sense of community that a challenge on the forum brings and think that it will help me to feel accountable and keep my mind refreshed.

My goals for the next 12-weeks are the following:
  • Pray for strength, courage, and determination every day
  • Loose 17.5 pounds and at least 18 inches
  • Lift weights 2-3 days per week
  • Run intervals 2 days per week for 20-30 minutes
  • Follow Cooler 2 strictly, allow myself one cheat per week, usually a glass of red wine
  • Eat more high-water content vegetables instead of fruit
  • Remember to take my multi-vitamin, omega, calcium/magnesium, digestive enzymes and wheatgrass every day
  • Eat a variety of protein sources every day
  • Stay positive
  • Create an organization area in my kitchen for a vision board and menu planning
  • First note for the vision board: "Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken." Psalm 55:22
Please pray for me! :)



I will keep you in my prayers, sweetie!

Maria Peters said...

Thank you, I really appreciate it. I will pray for you, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi I just happened to find your blog and I too started to Eat Clean on Monday Mar 23,2009. I also track my eats and I feel better and lost 3 lbs (includes a cheat meal- chocolate..PMS you know!) Where is the link to the Chicken..Challenge you are referring to beacause I am a memeber of that forum but could not find it. Can you help?
Thank you and good luck to you!

Maria Peters said...

The Challenge is in the Physique section of the forum. Unfortunately, entry was closed on Monday at midnight.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anyways!