Friday, April 3, 2009


Good evening. Allan and I are unthawing some of my homemade pizza sauce and herbed pizza dough for dinner tonight. We will have a glass of wine and homemade pizza and then will be prepping for tomorrow's delivery. :)

A couple weeks ago we ordered a new fridge and it arrives tomorrow. Tonight we need to hook up a water line from the basement, through the floor and into the kitchen for the new ice maker! I am extremely excited for it to arrive.

I have kept my eats clean today. I did not work out because my lower thighs are bothering me from my workout on Wednesday. So, I am taking another day off. It is surprising that I am still loosing weight even though my activity level has been down the last two weeks... Tosca is correct - what you put in your mouth really is 80% of what you look like!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I plan on checking in at some point this weekend to post pics of the new fridge!

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Anonymous said...

wow - a new fridge, just waiting for veggies, salad and lean protein :))