Saturday, April 25, 2009

MyWayCereal Review

This week's product review is MyWayCereal. At MyWayCereal, you can create your own custom organic cereal mix. They have a very easy to use website that walks you through the process effortlessly. You can choose from 5 different cereal bases, several different kinds of dried fruits, nuts and seeds, and sweet treats to really customize your cereal to your specific tastes.

The cereal comes in these large tubes that store well in the pantry and do not take up much floor space. They hold a whopping 21oz of custom organic cereal, which is 11 servings at 54g a piece.

Here is the cereal mix that I made for myself:

I really like my cereal combination. There are a lot of dried fruit pieces, especially mango. The mango is a little tough to chew, but if you let the cereal soak in the milk or yogurt for a minute, the dried fruit softens and plumps - which is oh so yummy! Both Allan's and my mixes contain coconut and chia seeds, which tend to fall to the bottom of the canister. So, before each use, make sure that you lightly shake the canister to distribute the ingredients, that way you get a bite of yummy deliciousness in each bite.

Here is the Nutrition Info for my cereal mix:
Here are the ingredients in my cereal mix:

Here is the cereal mix that I made for Allan:

Allan really likes his cereal mix a lot. He enjoys the flavor and crunch of the honey corn flakes. He also likes all of the fruit and nuts that were in the mix. For once, Allan is actually excited when he opens the cupboards and sees this mix sitting there waiting for him - a reaction he hasn't had to cereal since I eliminated HFCS and Trans Fats from our cupboards. YAY for MyWayCereal!

Here is the Nutrition Info for Allan's cereal mix:

Here are the ingredients in Allan's cereal mix:

This is how I have been enjoying my cereal all week:
1/2 cup cereal, 3/4 cup strained plain low-fat yogurt, 1 serving unthawed frozen mango chunks

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