Friday, April 17, 2009


As some of you know, I am involved in a 12-week competition on the Clean Eating forum. This week marks the end of week 4 of the competition and our first set of weight and measurements are due on Sunday. Since I am not sure if I will be in town this weekend, I decided to take my measurements and official weight this morning. 

Since the beginning of the competition, 4 weeks ago, I have lost 3.5 pounds and 8 total inches! 

I felt that this was a great accomplishment because I even took 1 week off of working out due to a knee injury and have not done any hard core cardio intervals since I injured my knee. I am looking forward to the back third of the competition, as my knee is feeling better and I am able to train the way that I normally do. I am back to doing NROL4W and running intervals and feel like I can accomplish a lot in the next 8 weeks!

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Anonymous said...

So you're in this comp..ha!?

CONGRATS - wow - you've been doing good, girlie!

(don't wanna take my measurements..have a feeling I'm not doing that well..)