Thursday, April 16, 2009

My New Clean Eating Gadget Wish List

Recently, we splurged our tax dollars on a bunch of new items for the house (i.e. fridge, dinning room chairs, TV, dinning room table, sideboard, etc.), so I am not sure when I will be able to get the new kitchen gadgets that I would like, but today I thought that I would share my new wish list. :)

An Excalibur Dehydrator. I am not sure if I want the 9 tray or the 5 tray, but really want the timer model vs. the regular model. I would really like to start making my own dried fruit, tortillas, etc.

A Couple Tools to aid in Dehydrating Prep:

Excalibur ParaFlexx Sheets. For making tortillas and fruit leathers.

A Benriner Spiral Veggie Slicer. For slicing apples, pears, etc.

An Offset Spatula. For spreading mixtures onto the ParaFlexx sheets.
A Brita Classic Pitcher. Our current pitcher does not fit into our new fridge - the handle gets in the way. :(

A Garmin Forerunner 305 with foot pod and cadence sensor. For tracking my runs and bike rides this summer. You know me, I love to track and organize everything!

An Iron Gym with Ab Straps. I just re-started NROL4W this week, after taking a 2 week hiatus from it while my knee recovered. Now that I am back into it, I know that pull ups and chin ups are awaiting me in the stages ahead and I will definitely need one of these then.
A Cuisinart PowerPrep Plus 14-Cup Food Processor. I love my Vita-Mix, but it just does not do some of the cool things that a food processor can do. Also, when making nut butter or fruit leathers, it is extremely difficult to clean the Vita-Mix. A food processor would be much better!

A Couple Composters from Gaiam. I would love to start composting this year and want an outdoor unit for my driveway and kitchen unit to keep under the sink.

There you go! Let's see if I can start acquiring a few of these items some time soon.

Here are my eats for today:
m1 - 1/2 c egg whites + chick sausage + 1/3 c dry oatmeal+2 tbsp wheat germ+2 tbsp ground flax+1/3 c blueberries
m2 - vita-mix: protein powder + spinach + mango/straw
m3 - black bean chicken quesadilla leftover from last night's supper + pear
m4 - yogurt + pineapple + nectarine
m5 - flank steak + broccoli
m6 - tbd

Tonight I am going to try out my new running shoes outside! YAY!!!


Anonymous said...

wow - what a list of "gotta have's"! Thanks for sharing!

Veldman Photo said...

They sell the pull up bar at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and you can use your 20% off coupon on it.... ;)