Monday, April 27, 2009


Good Afternoon, bloggers.

We had a nice relaxing weekend. I felt productive, but had a lot of time to sit and read and hang out with Allan. What did you do this weekend? Did you keep it clean?

Friday night we tried the only raw restaurant in the city, The Ecopolitan. We were extremely let down by the food, service and presentation. The veggies were like rubber and the food was overspiced. Boo!!! I was really excited to try this restaurant because it has received rave reviews, but unfortunately, will never go back!

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon doing some light cleaning and planted the pansies that I purchased on Friday afternoon with my Mom, while Allan participated in Portfolio One On One (reviewing senior design student portfolios). My aunt and uncle were in town from Albert Lea and we went to one of our favorite local spots, the French Meadow Cafe. The French Meadow Cafe serves fresh, local, and organic food that is delicious and I can always find something clean. They also have a wonderful bakery where they sell fabulous baked goods including some gluten-free and vegan options. I ordered a rachel sandwich with mixed greens, a nonfat latte, and we all split a piece of carrot cake. Allan and I picked up a muffin a piece to enjoy with breakfast on Sunday morning.

Sunday was a lazy rainy day. We went to church in the morning for the last contemporary service (we have a band that joins us from a "sister" church) until next Fall and then spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the living room reading and hanging out. It was a delightfully uneventful way to end the weekend!

The following are my planned eats for today. As always, I am following a strict Cooler 2 Meal Plan. I plan on doing NROL4W, Stage 5, Workout B today. Have a fabulously clean day!!!

M1 - 1/2 c egg whites + chicken sausage + 1/4 c dry oats cooked with cinnamon + vanilla + 2 tbsp ground flax + 2 tbsp wheat germ + 1/4 c bluberries 
M2 - 1 c low fat plain yogurt + strawberries + 1/2 c cereal
M3 - 4 hard boiled egg whites + 1/2 c dry rolled oats cooked with 1/4 c blueberries + cinnamon + vanilla
M4 - 1 tbsp natural peanut butter + 1 tbsp raw almond butter + apple + 1 slice Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread
M5 - grilled chicken + zucchini
M6 - 1/2 VitaMix Smoothie: banana + strawberries + maca powder + spinach + date + protein powder


Anonymous said...

I just had this delicious menu, Maria..and I'm supposed to lead a Core Class in two hours..ugh..

Maria Peters said...

That Oxygen meal sound super yummy!!!