Friday, April 17, 2009

Protein Factory Review

I recently placed a custom Protein Powder order from Protein Factory.

We received two different products in the mail about a week ago. Being that this was a custom order it took about a week for the package to arrive at our house with standard processing and shipping. I was very pleased with the ordering and service received. 

The website was very informative and helpful in explaining the different ingredients. However, some of the information seemed to be buried. I think that it would be helpful if the ingredient explanations were included in the custom protein powder tool. I also found it to be a little awkward ordering ingredients by percentage of whole. I would have preferred a "one of this, two of that" approach to customization.

I ordered two different protein powders, a vanilla weight loss formula and a chocolate lean gain formula. Overall, both protein powders taste good and met my expectations. The came in the pictured bags and did not include scoops. I wish that they would have included pre-measured scoops to correspond with the serving size listed on the Nutrition Label. I also wish that they would have came in nicely designed canisters as opposed to bags. I don't really like the bags.  The bags do not have the ingredients or nutrition info on them, this information came printed on 8.5X11 sheets of paper that accompanied the bags.

The vanilla weight loss formula is all whey protein powder. This is the formula that I ordered:

This is the nutrition info:

I do not mind the taste of the vanilla protein powder in shakes, but because it is unsweetened, it does not taste very good on its own. The vanilla flavor is not strong and almost tastes like an "original" flavor rather than vanilla. It also froths up a lot when blended, especially when I add it to the Vita-Mix. This was a little strange at first, but am now getting used to it. Amazingly, when I bring a smoothie with me to work, it is still frothy hours later.

The chocolate lean gain formula is a combination of a few different proteins. This is the formula:

This is the nutrition info:

The chocolate protein powder can easily be drank on its own with a little added sucanat. I also used it to make Chocolate Protein Bars. They are very good. For some reason the chocolate protein powder does not froth up like the vanilla. 

I have not baked with either protein powders yet, but do plan to do so sometime in the near future.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Anonymous said...

How about the new one that biggest loser/kim lyons are promoting protein freeze?

Tommy Himself said...

How has your experience with these products changed, after three months? Still satisfied with your order and the company in general? Did you ever try recipes with either of these?

I agree with you re: the percentages-of-whole thing. It's a real balancing act getting one's ingredients right.


Maria Peters said...

Yes, I am still very satisfied with Protein Factory and have placed several additional orders since this review. I have baked with the protein powder and it does well.

Although, I recently decided to cut lactose out of my diet, so I no longer use the Protein Factory products and have switched to Living Harvest hemp protein powder. Although, my husband still uses the Protein Factory protein powder.

Unknown said...

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EngineerErnie said...

This thread is rather dated, but it comes up on Google, so maybe you'll see this, people.

Protein Freeze (not Protein Factory, the subject product) contains the artifical sweeteners Sucralose (Splenda), Acesulfame potassium, and Maltodextrine. Stay away from Protein Freeze and buy this instead -- Protein Factory.