Monday, January 3, 2011

Yoga on the Brain

Lately my body has been yearning for yoga.

The week of Christmas was my "rest week" between Stages 3 and 4 of New Rules of Lifting for Women. I broke out my stash of yoga DVDs, as I usually do on my week off from weightlifting and interval running, and I don't think that there was an unsore muscle in my body! Actually, I think that the DOMS on my week off was worse than it has been since giving birth to Matthew.

Following my week of yoga, I have had a difficult time motivating myself to lift weights. Every time I pick up a dumbbell I stare longingly at the Sony Bravia LCD opposite our work out area and wish that I were practicing yoga instead of watching DVR'd soap operas. But last week, I reluctantly picked up the weights and began NROL4W Stage 4.

On Thursday, I spoke with my best friend and she also has yoga on the brain! We determined that it must be our bodies' way of calling for calm during such a chaotic time of the year. I promptly decided that I would give in to my mind and practice yoga this week.

Karen Voight: Yoga Power

I own a few yoga DVDs (Karen Voight Yoga Power and Yoga is Yummy). However, if I am practicing on a regular basis (more than 3 times per week) I like to supplement my practice. Yesterday I decided to check out the On Demand offerings from Comcast. ExerciseTV usually has a handful of intermediate to advanced yoga classes and yesterday was no exception!

At first I tried Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown Level 1 class, but really couldn't get into it. I was constantly looking up at the screen to see what she was doing instead of focusing on my body's movement. After some frustration, I switched to Yoga Sculpt and was at peace. I completed the class dripping in sweat and feeling challenged. It was wonderful! This week I plan on trying the following new OnDemand yoga classes: