Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bon Appétit!

Almost every morning we eat breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. The service is terrible, but the food and espresso are organic and simple - just the way we like it.

Allan and I tend to fall into ruts. It's in our nature. We are creatures of habit. When something works we just go with it.

Le Pain Quotidien (which I have a difficult time pronouncing, so I just call it "Le Pan") is  conveniently located 1 block from our hotel and is on Allan's way to work. The decor is simple and modeled after a parisian sidewalk cafe. I like the quaint, simplistic nature that allows the food to shine.

Every morning I study the menu as if I have no clue what I am going to order.

Then I order a single Americano with a side of organic skim milk, one complex carbohydrate (oats), one protein and one fruit.

Organic steel cut oatmeal
topped with stone fruit and house made granola
Organic steel cut oatmeal with berries
Soft boiled organic egg with whole wheat miche
Matthew always eats the Miche
Plain low-fat organic yogurt with berries
Are you a creature of habit or do you prefer to run wild?


The Purple Carrot said...

My husband and I are complete creatures of habit ourselves! I guess if it's not broken, why fix it? ;)

Maria Peters said...

Lesley, I completely agree!!!