Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Morning from NYC!

Hello strangers!

Matthew and I accompanied Allan on his business trip to NYC. He is here for an Über fancy Target photo shoot while Matthew and I are working from the hotel and site seeing.

Before leaving Minneapolis last week, I stocked up on clean goodies at Trader Joe's for the plane and hotel room, because the closest Whole Foods is 1 mile away and I knew that I wouldn't have time to run there every day. :) So, we have organic dry roasted almonds, dried mango, unsweetened trek mix (in single serving baggies), a box of Cherry Cashew Pure bars, organic apples and organic bananas.

I absolutely LOVE these bars!

We have been visiting lots of amazing restaurants in the Meatpacking district and Chelsea - many of them organic or sustainable! Pastis, Spice Market, One Lucky Duck, Le Pain Quotidien, Swich and The Green Table to name a few!

Our first night here it rained cats and dogs, so we geared up and walked the mile from the Hotel Gansevoort, where we are staying, to the Whole Foods in Chelsea to stock up on baby items and bottled water (a necessary evil).

By the time we were back to the hotel Allan was soaked, but I managed to stay quite dry in my new North Face rain jacket and boots.


The North Face Women's Grace 2010 Jackets Black X Small AANK

Matthew also stayed dry in the stroller and its new rain gear.

Allan has the nice camera on the photo shoot with him, but when he gets back tonight I plan to download all of my yummy food pics and post them.

Matthew and I are running out of things to do that are baby friendly and within walking distance, so I would love to know your favorite pastimes in NYC - organic clothing shops, site seeing, clean restaurants, etc.

What should we do for the next week???


Anonymous said...

Matthew is such a cutie!

Organic restaurants is still something missing where I live, I think I can

Hav a good time in The City!

The Purple Carrot said...

Matthew is adorable!! :]

Maria Peters said...

Thanks for the comments about Matthew. We think he is pretty darn adorable, too!

I know that we are extremely lucky to have so many organic options in the US!

Anonymous said...

Um there are a million things to do that are kid-friendly in NYC. Central Park Zoo, for one. The Brooklyn Children's Museum. Botanical Gardens, Museum of Natural History.

Please don't eat only organic or local food-- there is so much good ethnic food in NYC that doesn't fir that snotty bill. Chinatown for one-- cheap and delish!

Maria Peters said...


Thanks for your suggestions - they will definitely come in handy when we are back in NYC for leisure, not business, and Matthew is a bit older. Matthew is 9 months old, so he is a little young for the Zoo and Museums and we are staying in the Meatpacking district and would prefer shorter trips from the hotel, as I am working while I am here and only have an hour or two to get away in the afternoon.

However, yesterday we did walk to the Guggenheim Museum and through Central Park - it was amazing!

As for preferring to eat organic, I am breast feeding and Matthew is starting to eat table foods, so I would prefer to keep his exposure to toxins at a minimum. Also, because we are away from home, we are eating out for every meal and I would prefer that at least one of those meals be organic because we are 90% organic at home.