Friday, March 11, 2011


Growing up I had several Catholic friends who would give something up for lent. We were Lutheran, so my parents never asked us to go without.

However, for the past few years I have considered giving something up for Lent, but never made the pledge to follow through. However, now that we have a baby, I feel like it would be a good lesson to instill in our youngling.

But the real question is WHAT should I give up? I figured that because I am a foodie and value eating, the item in question should be food-related. However, I want it to have a deep emotional connection, something that is a fair representation of the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us on the cross - something that I would truly miss. In addition, it would be nice if by omitting this item from my diet I would actually be improving my health. Here are some of the options that I considered:
  • Chocolate - eh... an easy choice, as I have been known to regularly indulge in my beloved Green and Black's organic 85% dark chocolate
  • Wine - I am still breast feeding, so I have not been enjoying wine regularly
  • Sugar - a definite contender... however, we will be in NYC for another week and I really can't control the exact ingredients in everything that I will be eating, so this might be difficult
  • Coffee - I only enjoy a single Americano each morning, so it's not a significant sacrifice
After much deliberation, I decided to give up all simple sugars and refined flours completely. I do strive to keep most sugar and white flour out of my diet; however, out of convenience they have started to creep in... mostly because I have not been making the time to cook and bake items myself.

But all of that stops when we get back home from NYC. Until then, I will ensure that I am making conscious food choices at every meal - asking questions, making special requests, etc.

I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight; however, I am not as lean as I was pre-pregnancy and I know it is because I have not been completely dedicated to my workouts and eats. Today I rededicate myself and would love to see you do the same.

"Self-help is no help at all. Self-sacrifice is the way, my way, to finding yourself, your true self. What good would it do to get everything you want and lose you, the real you?" Luke 9:25

Did you give something up for Lent? If so, what was the most difficult thing that you have ever gone without?


Jennie Davis said...

I stumbled upon your blog and am a new follower!

I appreciated this post, especially because it focuses not no what YOU should give up to be healthy, but to offer up something to connect with the passion of Christ.

I'm embracing silence this Lent. When alone (in the car, at home) I am choosing to not listen to the radio, watch tv, or use social media.

Lastly, I was wondering what Biblical translation you found the verse from Luke 9:25 in?

Maria Peters said...

Thank you for reading, Jennie!

Silence has an amazing power - how wonderful of you to embrace it for Lent.

I use The Message Bible and love it.

Anonymous said...

Jennie and Maria: you are both great inspiration to me! I admire your way of thinking!

I will join you, Maria, in giving up on sugar and refines flour.
Silence is absolutely a good choice too!

Bless you girls..

FunkyMama said...

As a mother of 2 tween boys, who know everything and NEED just everything, Lent is a great time to talk about sacrifice - to help put things in perspective. Maria, like you, sugar has started to creep back into our diet... so as a family we decided to give up sweets. It's been tough for the boys... but I know they can do it!

Maria Peters said...

Thanks, FunkyMama - giving up sweets has been pretty difficult, but completely worth it.