Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today was my weigh-in day and I am down .5 lbs this week! It is really exciting because I did not do well at eating clean last weekend... I ate too much, had a few drinks, and we ate out a few times and I missed a workout this week. In an attempt to turn things around, since Monday I have been on a very strict Cooler 2 and it has paid off!!!

My winter cardio routine usually consists of running intervals on my treadmill while watching DVR'd shows. I have grown a bit tired of this routine and have decided to start looking for alternate forms of winter cardio. Yesterday I picked up the following fitness DVD's and VHS tapes at my local library to take on a test drive before committing to any purchases.

This morning I did the TaeBo Instructional VHS - I know.... who uses VCR's anymore? - and then did the TaeBo 8-minute workout. For a total of 52 minutes of TaeBo today. It was fun and boy does Billy Blanks have a personality. I have memories of doing TaeBo every Friday in the Self-Defense gym class that I took as a Junior in High School and for some reason didn't quite remember how quirky Mr. Blanks really is. :)

Does anyone have suggestions of other fitness DVD's that I should look into? I am trying to find something that inspires and motivates me to do my cardio!!!

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