Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Yoga Kind of Day

Here is a summary of my workouts and eats for the last few days.

On Monday, I did another set of Polly's Yoga is Yummy videos, this time I tried yoga for runners and yoga for arms. The yoga was very yummy. I could definitely feel the workout the next day in my shoulders. Thanks, Polly! Polly’s Yoga DVD is now available for preorder – you should check it out! I mailed my pre-order check today.

Yesterday, I did Stage 6, Workout B of the New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROL4W). I will finish Stage 6 this week and then move on to Stage 7, the last stage of the book, for 4 weeks. I have really enjoyed NROL4W. It has changed my body in ways that I never knew possible. I have strong, defined muscles that have completely reshaped my physique – which is very exciting. Although, I am looking forward to finishing NROL4W and moving on to a new program. Does anyone have a suggestion for a new program to start when I am finished?

I did another set of Polly’s videos this morning – this time I did yoga for triathletes and yoga for hips #1. I feel very long and lean!

I plan on making the fabulous looking Greek Salad from this month’s Clean Eating magazine for lunch and some of Polly’s Almond Butter Granola for a snack later accompanied by fresh berries and plain yogurt cheese.

Last night I made the Chicken Gazpacho from the new Clean Eating magazine along with Quinoa Pilaf. It turned out really nice and was a very refreshing meal.

My test kitchen will be open this week and next week as I try some new recipe ideas that I have stored in my head. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi Maria, I also like Chaz at yogamazing. I subscribe to his podcasts and get new workouts almost daily.

Laura :)

Maria Peters said...

Thanks, hun.