Monday, June 8, 2009

Spaghetti Squash

Today is Day 3 of Cooler 1 and I am feeling a little light headed, but not that hungry... mostly I have been really thirsty and have not had a difficult time drinking a gallon of distilled water each day. In addition, I am drinking 4 cups of dandelion tea per day. Dandelion tea is a natural detoxifier and diuretic and will help me with shedding water weight before I take my "after" pictures this weekend!

I have been doing a lot of reading on Contest prep and the different ways that people manipulate their diets and workouts prior to a competition. The plans are completely varied and it seems that what works to "pump up" the muscles of one person may leave another person "flat". The plans vary from carbohydrate depleting then increasing to a "high fat" day prior to the competition to eating sugar right before stepping on stage.

What to do? Well, here is my plan: I am sticking to Cooler 1 for the week and trying to get all of my carbs (oatmeal/quinoa, sweet potato and pear) into Meals 1-4 (I work out between Meals 4 and 5), I am especially concentrating on doing this near the end of the week. Also, I will start to deplete my water intake on Wednesday and increase my intake of dandelion tea. On Friday, the only liquid that I will consume is dandelion tea.

I will take pictures on Saturday morning after having a regular Cooler 1 day on Friday. The pictures will be taken before I eat or drink ANYTHING. Then I will have a regular Cooler 2 day on Saturday (5 veggies and 1 fruit) to add back in some more complex carbs/fats and take another set of pictures in the AM on Sunday. Then I can compare the two sets of photos to see if there is a difference in my pictures. Any suggestions?

I am also going to Mystic Tan twice this week (once on Wednesday and another time on Friday) to help get a coveted bronze glow on photo day. I am hoping that my new bikini's will show up before I take my pictures so that I do not have to wear a suit that is too big for me.

Here are my planned Cooler 1 eats for the day:

Meal 1 - 1/4 c oatmeal (dry) + 2 tbsp chia seeds + 2 tbsp wheat germ cooked in 1 c water + 3/4 cup egg whites + spinach + chicken sausage
Meal 2 - pear + 3 egg whites (one of my egg whites was water logged, so I didn't get to eat all 4 that I had planned to eat)
Meal 3 - spaghetti squash + tomatoes + tomato paste + extra-lean grass-fed beef (rinsed with boiling water) + fresh basil + oregano + chives
Meal 4 - Cooler 1 quinoa broccoli frittata + raw salad: cucumber + tomato + chives + sprouts + red lettuce + mescaline mix + fresh mint + lemon juice + balsamic vinegar
Meal 5 - brown rice protein powder + amazing grass greens + spinach + 1 tsp maca + 2 tbsp flax
Meal 6 - lemon thyme pepper chicken + sweet potato + green beans


Everyday Superhero said...

I've never competed but I know what you mean about the thirst. When I've done cleanses I notice I've very parched.

Best wishes on the competition.

Maria Peters said...


MelanieC said...

Can't wait to see your results - actually I can't wait to see everyone's results. Good luck :)

Rene said...

That cooler plan looks wonderful. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

how does the dandelion tea taste? Are you drinking it w/just plain distilled water or adding a sweetner? What brand are you using? Thanks and good luck on the chicken contest

Melanie Buchanan said...

This sounds great. Good luck. I am on cooler 2 and trying mentally to go on to cooler 1 and get some photos as well. Just wondering what websites your reading for contest prep etc... I could use some help.

Maria Peters said...

Thank you for the support and encouragement. Being super strict with my diet has been difficult this week, but I know that it will be well worth it!

The dandelion tea does not taste that great, but is bearable... it tastes a lot better than it smells. :) I have been drinking Yogi Detox and Healthy Fasting tea, but you can also purchase organic dandelion tea from Traditional Medicinals. I drink the tea just as it is, as sweetener is not part of Cooler 1. Although, I always drink my tea "straight up" (this week with distilled water), as I do not want to add the extra calories of sweetener and, in general, I am trying to get away from the use of sweeteners.

The best sites that I have found for fitness prep are:

Good luck with your transition to Cooler 1. It is difficult, but well worth the results!

Coach Kai said...

I didn't now we can have chicken saugauge? Do you have a recipe for quinoa broccoli frittata

Maria Peters said...

Coach Kai,

Thanks for stopping by!

Here is a post on the chicken sausage that we eat:

And here is the recipe for Quinoa Broccoli Frittata: