Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Phantom Fat

This is a really interesting article about people who loose a great deal of weight and still see themselves as their heavier self rather than their REAL thin self.

Sometimes I feel this way - I am shocked when I look in the mirror and nit-pick at my problem areas. I am working on improving my self image and seeing myself in a realistic light. I am not a fitness model. I don't want to be a fitness model.

I want to be healthy and fit and I am.
I want to be a good example for others and I am.
I want to be able to run up a flight of stairs and not be winded and I can.
I want to go on long walks with my husband and I do.
I want to bike with my husband across town and we do.
I want to wear a bikini and not feel self-conscious and I will.
I want my future children to be proud of me and they will.
I want to be proud of myself and I am.


Anonymous said...

That is a great article and I can relate to that nit-picking feeling. Thank you for sharing.

AzLinda said...

Hey Maria!

I can totally relate. I lost 70 lbs in 205, gained it back and am now currently loosing it again...but for the last time now that I found the Clean eating lifestyle. Anyways, it took forever before every time I went clothes shopping I didn't start to head to the plus

You have so much to be proud of yourself for, you have accomplished so much.

Great article, thanks for that!

Maria Peters said...

Thanks, AzLinda, you are so sweet! If you stick to Clean Eating and keep yourself accountable, you will be successful!

AzLinda said...

Aww, you're welcome. But it's true!

Yea, I am really enjoying the whole process this time around. I love the food I am eating and look forward to getting my body healthy once and for all.

I started Chalene Johnson's newest workout program called...chalean extreme and I am really liking it. I am currently in my third week of the burn phase and can already tell I'm getting stronger.

How is your new workout program going?

Maria Peters said...

I am still working out the kinks. Originally I thought that I would do Stage 7 of NROL4W twice, but have decided that I really don't like the circuit style of this Stage and would really love to do yoga 4 times per week, but am scared of loosing my hard earned muscle. :)