Friday, July 10, 2009

Galia Melon

During the summer months, the produce section at the grocery store and the local farmers markets are brimming with interesting produce. I am completely intrigued by unique produce and the Galia melon did NOT disappoint.

Out of the varying types of melons in the produce section, I choose the Galia because it was the most fragrant. The smell alone made me want to sink my teeth into it right then and there. :) Also, the skin of the Galia is completely different than most melons, it appears to have little veins running through it that seemed penetrate into the melon.

I was expecting the flesh of the Galia to be yellow or orange and was surprised to cut it open and find this:

The flesh is GREEN!!!

The taste of the melon was familiar, yet different; sweet and watery, yet complex.

The best way to describe it is if a Cantaloupe and Honeydew were iMated you would get the Galia.

By the way, visit Gina's blog because she is giving away a copy of Sarma Melngailis' new book. I looked at it briefly the other day at Barnes and Noble and would really like to buy a copy.


HEAB said...

Oooh, I love finding new fun produce at the Farmer's Mkt. I've never had a Galia. Sounds yummy!

P.S. Glad you enjoyed your kabocha. :)

Maria Peters said...

Thanks for introducing me to the kabocha and you should definitely try a Galia.

AzLinda said...

Looks delish :)

Kristie Rutzel said...

hey maria, are you on facebook?

Maria Peters said...

Yes, Kristie, I am. This is a link to my profile:

sartaj faisal said...
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