Monday, February 22, 2010

The Third Trimester Begins...

... this Wednesday!!! The homestretch is here.

Sorry for my lack of blogging lately. As you can imagine, our lives have been a whirlwind of baby prep lately. Allan jokes that I am full into nesting mode.

A month ago, we made the decision to cloth diaper, so I have been working on acquiring our stash from online retailer sales, online clearance outlets, Peapods (a local toy and baby care shop),, and the Baby Center Diaper Swapping community. For the newborn stage, we will be using indian cotton unbleached prefolds and misc PUL covers, although we do have some Grandparent-friendly small bamboo fitteds and small FuzziBunz. I am almost finished with the newborn stash, but am interested in acquiring a WAHM wool cover or too for this stage along with some flannel liners for the meconium stage along with any bouts with diaper rash.

We are anticipating a larger baby at birth, because I have measured two weeks ahead at my last 2 appointments (20 weeks and 24 weeks) and my husband and I were both larger and LATE babies. Allan was a whopping 10 lbs and 4 weeks late and I was 9.5 lbs and 2 weeks late. So, at my appointment on Monday (28 weeks), if I am still measuring ahead they will schedule another ultrasound to see how big this little guy really is. I kind of hope that we will get to go and see him again, as ultrasounds are completely amazing experiences!

But I digress... back to the point that I was trying to make: little baby Peters will most likely not fit into the small/infant diapers for long and will be able to move into the one-size BumGenius (3.0 and Organic AIO), GroBaby and Swaddlebees diapers that I have been slowly acquiring. Do any of you cloth diaper? If so, do you have any tips for a first-timer? What is your favorite diaper? Any tips and recommendations would be VERY helpful!

I would like to take a pic of my stash to post here for feedback and ogling! Look for that in an upcoming blog post!

We have also checked the following items off of the baby list:
  1. Nursery furniture purchased and put together
  2. Diaper stash prepped (all natural-fibered items washed 5 times and the rest washed once)
  3. On the waiting list of an AMAZING Day Care that is spanish immersion, serves organic/whole grain foods, cloth diapers and is located near our house
  4. Registered for hypnobirthing classes that start next Tuesday at Blooma
  5. Baby showers scheduled and registries complete (Mar 13 in Albert Lea and April 3 in Eagan)
  6. Play room cleared out and ready as a "blank slate"
  7. Working out 3-4 days per week (at least one cardio day, one weightlifting day and one yoga day)
  8. Car seat purchased (Graco SnugRide 35)
  9. Stroller purchased (Baby Jogger Select)
  10. Keeping all meals CLEAN and eating every 3 hours (protein + complex carbs + fruit/veggie + fat)
I hope that you have an amazingly productive, clean and healthy week!


chad and cheryl said...

I cloth diaper my 19 month old. We have since she was 3 weeks. We used disposables at first so that we didn't have to worry about that nastiness. We used Thirsties covers and Pocket Change pockets until she was big enough for the BumGenius. We now use BumGenius one-size. I LOVE them, and so does hubby, grandparents, etc. We waited to use them so that there wasn't so much diapers for her little behind. We use Tide for washing in our front loaders. Let me know if you have questions I can answer!

Dani Spies said...

So excited for you! Wish I could help on the cloth diaper front but I crumbled as soon as the baby was born (we planned on using cloth initially). This is such an exciting time... enjoy it!!

Maria Peters said...

I have heard wonderful things about the BG 3.0s, so we have 10 of them in our stash for when he is big enough to fit in them properly.

M. Lubbers said...

Hi! I just wanted to add my vote for the BumGenius one size. My daughter is 20 months old and we have been using them since she was about 4 weeks old. They still work great and we're very happy with them.

We also got many more receiving blankets than we could actually use. I cut up a few of them and stitched the sides so we could use them as cloth wipes. Then we got a spray bottle and filled it with mostly water and a bit of witch hazel. The wipes just go in the wash with the diapers, and when we're home we're completely disposable free!

Good luck.

Maria Peters said...

Thanks for the tips! I had a WAHM make us wipes in custom colors to match our nursery and I plan on making my own wipes solution, too.

I am also looking at purchasing a few Flips for when we go on vacations, etc. to minimize the waste when away from a washer and dryer.

GeenyBeeny said...

Nothing to offer on the cloth diaper front, but I did hypnobirthing and it was wonderful. I still felt every.single.contraction but the hypno techniques definitely got me through it - and I was in labor for 53 hours!