Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prenatal Yoga

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. I apologize for my absence; however, one of my New Year's resolutions is to be more active on my blog on at least a weekly basis.

My holiday sabbatical was extremely eventful and for the most part very enjoyable. Allan and I...

  • Were guests at 4 Christmas celebrations and spent a lot of time with all sides of both of our families.
  • Attended several Holiday church services, I even sang Breath of Heaven on Christmas Eve during the lighting of the candles at our evening candlelit service.
  • Started our nesting journey as we await the birth of our little gift, including painting the baby's room and the entire basement (family room, office, exercise room, and stairway) along with purchasing a bunch of furniture, some of which is still in boxes awaiting assembly.
  • Mourned the unexpected passing of my dad's brother, Larry, who was tragically taken from us in a car accident.
  • Went to the 20-week ultrasound and found out the sex of our baby! If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you already know if we are having a boy or girl... if not, can you GUESS? I will reveal the answer later on this week!
  • Celebrated the arrival of 2010 by going to bed at 10:30 PM, I'm pregnant for goodness sakes and could not keep myself awake to ring in the New Year.
During our nesting, my treadmill has tragically been banished to the far corner of the basement and then had miscellaneous items pilled up in front of it, making it completely unaccessible until further notice... So, my primary form of exercise has been Prenatal Yoga. I have both the Gaim Prenatal Yoga and Yoga Journal Yoga for your Pregnancy DVDs; however, my recent favorite has been Yoga for your Pregnancy. I really enjoy the flow and cues along with the variety of exercises and options.

In the next couple weeks, I plan to start Prenatal Yoga classes at Blooma, a local studio that specializes in Prenatal and Postnatal care.

In addition, we signed up for Hypnobirthing classes at Blooma that start in March. Blooma also offers Lamaze birthing classes; however, we decided to go with the Hypnobirthing classes based on the fact that Hypnobirthing mothers tend to have "shorter labors and significantly lower induction, epidural, and Cesarean rates"... and since we would like a natural birth, this will be a good tool to have when the contractions start and I hop in the water birthing tub! ;-) Have you had an experience with Hypnobirthing that you would like to share?


Anonymous said...

good to see you! happy new year!

Dani Spies said...

Congrats! I did not do hypnobirthing but I did do a natural child birth in the water (at home!). I've heard that the HB is amazing! Enjoy the process... it really is amazing:)

GeenyBeeny said...

Maria, I did Hypnobirthing. I had a veeeerrrryyyy long labor (53 hours) and it definitely helped me to deal with that. Sitting on the birthing ball also gave me some relief. I loved my midwife and the birthing center where my daughter was born. It was calm, the lights were dim, there was very little talking. Despite the long exhausting labor it was a wonderful experience. I hope you have a great experience as well. Congratulations on your impending motherhood!