Monday, October 4, 2010

Chocolate Cravings

Most nights I get completely ravenous around 8:30 PM. Usually Allan grabs a bowl of Panda Puffs and organic 1% milk and sometimes I follow suit and grab a bowl of homemade granola. But some nights granola will just not do - all I want is chocolate.

However, my desire to loose the rest of the baby weight (13 lbs) is usually much stronger than my desire for chocolate, so I came up with the following compromise:

1 cup of fresh raspberries


I took 1/4 square of Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate and melted it in the microwave for 15 seconds. Then added a little drizzle of agave nectar and stirred it up. Raspberries with dark chocolate sauce... HEAVENLY!

Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate is 100% cacao and needs a tiny bit of agave or maple syrup to balance out the bitterness. But the combination is a beautiful evening snack.


Maxine said...

Excellent suggestion! I do the same with 90% dark chocolate and various fruit.

Maria Peters said...

Maxine, when I don't have Baker's Unsweetened in the house I use whatever dark chocolate that I have lying around (80%+) or a little cocoa powder and agave. Although, I really like being able to control the amount of sugar/sweetness when using the 100% cacao.