Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wellness Daily

A few weeks ago I was asked to become a regular contributor to the Wellness Daily blog. I happily accepted the invitation and have since written a couple blog posts that have appeared on the site. I plan to make regular posts about clean eating and am working on a piece that outlines what is clean eating. I will still keep up my blog here, but will also contribute posts to Wellness Daily.

So, what exactly is Wellness Daily? According to the website, Wellness Daily is "Wellness content from more than 100 sources in one convenient location... Spend less time searching and more time reading the latest weight loss, healthy eating, exercise and well-being articles."


Anonymous said...

Good, you're back!
Hope little Matthew is doing just fine!

Maria Peters said...

Yep, I'm back! Hoping to be making more frequent posts from now on! :)

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